Good posture will make you pain free

The Pain

Robin has dealt with a tremendous amount of pain as an athlete. He ran track and cross country at Penn State University excelling in the 400M, 800M, and 5 Mile run. Robin’s injuries were numerous, including pain in his knees, lower back, neck, and shoulder. The penultimate injury occurred when he suffered a complete tear of one of his hip flexor muscles during a run prompting doctors to tell him he would never run again due to the strain on his body. On an emotional level, it was nothing short of devastating since running was his passion and soon the pain began to negatively affect his studies, work, relationships, and sleep. Robin was not willing to let the pain win, and he sought out answers. Traditional therapies did not work and only provided temporary relief.

How he got "Pain Free"

Finally, Robin finally stumbled upon a book called “Pain Free” by Pete Egoscue. It changed his life. The book explained how misaligned joints and poor posture can cause pain. The book made him realize he was using the wrong muscles to move and his posture and alignment had become compromised and imbalanced as a result. The cornerstone of the book’s message was how to achieve the proper alignment of the body through stretching, reactivating, and strengthening of muscles by using very specific postural exercises. It was a common sense approach that he adopted and within six months, he was completely pain free and has been running pain free since then.

NRG Kinetics : Get your life back!

Robin has used his personal journey to help others through their own pain by creating NRG Kinetics. Robin is always on the cutting edge of postural and alignment.  He has created over 300 of his own unique postural/alignment exercises to help others and keeps his current level of knowledge at the highest level by studying many different philosophies to stay at the apex of the fitness/posture field. He is extremely thankful for his mentors’ wisdom and guidance and looks to improve and push NRG Kinetics to the top of the postural/alignment field. Robin now dedicates his work and life to helping others that share a similar story to his to GET THEIR LIFE BACK!