Testimonies from persons working with NRG Kinetics

 Tom Dolan

As a Gold Medal Olympic Swimmer I worked out with a number of very good athletic trainers throughout my career. I have been retired for a little over two years. I started working with Robin approximately six months ago. As a result of the constant and repetitive motions involved with swimming, as well as competing for over twenty years, I have lingering injuries that bother me everyday. Robin has done a great job working on my alignment and posture. He has implemented many different exercises that focus on core body strength. I herniated two discs in my lower back and had knee surgery during my career. There for, I have had lingering problems with those areas, along with hamstring and neck problems. Robin has helped to alleviate the pain by working on improving my posture and increasing my flexibility. Robin is extremely knowledgeable about each exercise he gives me and is very willing to stop and explain what purpose it is serving. I have enjoyed my time with Robin and would highly recommend his expertise in pain relief and proper muscular function workouts.”

Tom DolanOlympic Gold Medalist Swimming 1996, 2000
Joanna Zeiger

I’ve been working with Robin for almost 2 years to work through major rib injuries sustained in a bike accident. His knowledge, intuition and vast arsenal of exercises has allowed me to run at a very high level despite doctors telling me I should not be able to run at all due to the structural damage I sustained to my rib cage. In fact, I qualified for the 2012 Olympic trials in the marathon. I work with Robin on a very regular basis since the effects of my injury can cause painful flare ups. He is able to determine the right combination of exercises to reduce the number of flare ups and alleviate any symptoms I may be having. There is no doubt, without Robin’s assistance I would be a hobby jogger and not competing at national competitions.

Joanna ZeigerM.S., Ph.D., 2000 Olympian (triathlon), 2008, Ironman 70.3 World Championhttp://joanna-zeiger.com/jzeiger/
 Heather Girardi

Robin is a magician! He is a real healer and understands the body, how it works and what needs to be done for it to operate at 100% more than anyone I know. Robin came into my life when I could barley move and was in a great deal of pain from a herniated disk at L5 and a bulging disk at L4. I am in my early 30’s and am very active. I love to dance, run, bike, horseback ride, water ski and I was faced with many people in the medical profession telling me I would be dealing with back pain the rest of my life. In a 30 minute conversation with Robin he diagnosed exactly what was happening in my body, this was confirmed when we met and within 3 months of working with Robin and doing the egoscue exercise routines he tailored for me I was pain free, off of all pain killers and medications and was RUNNING again! I now run 4-5 times a week and take zumba dance class. I even completed my very first half marathon and had a dance party to celebrate the total use of my body movement and am currently planning a vacation that will be very active. Robin was with me every step of the way, even when I was sobbing, anxious, nervous and scared. He instilled in me that I was a fighter. With him by my side I was able to fully recover. To this day I do my exercises every morning and I am in better shape than I have ever been. I will continue to work with Robin forever. Thank you Robin!

Heather GirardiActress
 Alicia Gonzalez

I met Robin in the Fall of 2014 through a mutual friend who had used his services for his ultra marathon training.  An avid runner and Executive Director of a large running non-profit in Chicago, over the last few years I was constantly in pain when running and had not been returned to competitive running since the 2010 Boston Marathon.  Two weeks prior to the Boston Marathon, I heard a pop during a tempo run and had excruciating pain in my left foot and hip.  I figured it was a minor injury and a little rest prior to the race was all I needed.  Although I managed to PR in Boston a couple of weeks later, I ended up being diagnosed with a stress fracture in my left heel.  After eight weeks off from running, I gradually started up again with the help of my coach.  However, I still had major pain in my left hip and was not running efficiently.  Over the course of the next four years, I saw countless doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and running coaches.  Everyone kept saying that I just had a weak left hip and needed to strengthen it more.  Many also suggested that it was psychological.  I went from running 70 mile weeks to barely running 20 miles.  My friend suggested that Robin could help with my alignment via Skype and that he could strengthen that left hip, so that I could eventually run pain free. 

I started working with Robin in November 2014.  Robin was able to diagnose my functional weaknesses and suggested various strengthening routines.  For the next few months, my running improved slightly and my left foot was finally making contact with the ground again.  However, by spring 2015 my left hip and glute area were still really sore and not firing.  Robin suggested that there might be something wrong with my hamstring and where it connects to the gluteal area which is why I was not able to fire those muscles and run efficiently.  Please note that Robin was able to diagnose this without ever physically working with me, only via Skype.  He advised me to demand that I get an MRI from my doctor to see what was really going on with that left hip area.

In July 2015, my doctor finally took an MRI and it showed that my hamstring was detached by 90% from my ischial tuberosity (connection to the hip).  This explained the “pop” that I heard in 2010 and my inability to run these last five years without excruciating pain.  I felt elated that I finally had a diagnosis, but I was so upset that after seeing all these doctors, PTs, and coaches here in Chicago, that none of them suggested that it could have been my hamstring.  It took the expertise of Robin who again never saw me in person to realize that there was something severely wrong with the connection between the hamstring and the hip area that was preventing me from running. 

I am so fortunate that Robin not only helped diagnose this hamstring tear, but that he had helped strengthen my other areas so that prior to surgery I was in great shape.  I had hamstring avulsion repair surgery with the surgeon for the Bulls here in Chicago on August 31, 2015.  By four weeks post-surgery I was walking without crutches and already using the bike and the elliptical.  By 8 weeks post-surgery, I was running on the Alter G and by 10 weeks I was running outside again.  This was three months in advance of most people’s recovery.  I attest this great recovery, my actual decision to demand an MRI, and my ability to run again six months post-surgery to the care, expertise, and thought that Robin had throughout this entire experience.  Robin provides his clients not only with the ability to improve their strength, but demonstrates such thought and genuine concern for the welfare of those he is working with. 

Alicia GonzalezFounding Executive Director Chicago Run – http://www.chicagorun.org/chicago-run-staff